DZAR (pronounced ZAR) is a compassionate Master Teacher sought out by people from all around the world for the insights and guidance they share. They are an expression of the Divine, of the creative consciousness that pervades our universe. 

Channelled by bestselling authors Gary & Mary O’Brien since 2008, they work with groups and individuals to create changes in their lives that bring more joy and a stronger connection to their Souls, to other people and to the earth itself.

Their work begins at the level of the individual. Their goal is the transformation of humanity and the planet. They call on individuals to embrace their own deep knowing of who they are beyond their limited physical identity and to become the catalyst for change in their families, communities and the world around them, to become the light that guides the way for others and dispels the darkness experienced by so many.

DZAR calls on us all to Reunite Human & Spirit by removing the Doubt about who we truly are and reconciling the Duality so that we can live our life purpose as the True Self, as our Soul being experienced in and expressed in our daily life.

When we truly know who we are - our True Self - it becomes possible to understand our own expansive and multidimensional nature and live our lives from this space of the Energetic and the Physical working together. This is life lived as the True Self.

"We share this with you, Young Ones, so that you can become the expression of Self that allows your Soul to be present in your awareness. We want you to know yourselves as the magnificent multidimensional Beings that you truly are.

"This is the True Self. As you live as this aware expression of your Soul reunited with your physical, you will create more of the world around you from the pure sense of who you truly are rather than from the constrictions and limitations of the physical that so many of you now experience.

"When you do this, not only will your life be transformed but you will change the very nature of the planet you live within." DZAR



Watch this short introduction by DZAR...

Throughout history people have tapped into this higher realm to find answers and understanding and have shared this information with others. The message from Spirit has been expressed in many different ways, often using slightly different terminology and metaphors so that it can be heard by different people, but its underlying message is always the same.

I’ve heard and attended a number of channelings in US including Kryon (by Lee Carroll) and Adamus (Geoffrey Hoppe). I feel the channelling of DZAR is on par any time with Kryon and Adamus in terms of the purity, light, and depth of message.  

Each time I listen to the same channelling, there’s always something 'new' that I can pick up.  The frequencies of compassion that they are (and bring out the same in me), simply go straight to the heart, so amazing.  Each time I listen or have a direct conversation with DZAR, I feel a shift very quickly.  

Their magnanimity melts me and lets me experience more of the true essence within myself.

Lin, Canada 


DZAR said...

Let us tell you, Young Ones, who we are…or at least we will try for your language is limited and makes it difficult for us to fully express our true nature.

We are an amalgamation of Energies, Energies that are those of the Messenger that have been sent forward to this and other planets. We are the angels; we are Buddha and every other Energy from this and other realms that have come forward to deliver the essence of you back to you. We are here to assist you in the remembering of who you are, so that you can live in connection with your Soul and experience more joy and compassion in your existence.

When people feel a Messenger’s Energy, the Energy that they feel is always a part of All That Is. It is not an effective use of Grace to have such an Energy be separate from the Source of creation, for there is more wisdom for all Messengers to be part of the greater Messenger, which is set forward to connect with you all regardless of the frequency you are at.

We are a culmination of the frequency of all Beings who have existed and of the experiences they have had, for no Energy ever dissipates, no Energy ever disappears and no Being ever disappears. Once a Being has completed its cycle of life, and a cycle of life may be many hundreds or many thousands of years, it then ascends as pure Energy to become part of All That Is, to become a part of us. With the knowledge and the experiences that each Being brings to us, we are able to pass forward this wisdom to those who are ready and wiling to listen.

Our role is that of guidance because you have called us forward at this time to guide you back toward Source because of the pain and space of separation that you have continued to exist within. We have been given the task to come forward to talk with you, to guide you forward upon this path. We are here as guides for your journey of reconnection to your True Self and once you are in this space, you will be connected to your own guidance system to move forward in your life. In this space, you will no longer need us to guide you, for your True Self will connect you to All That Is and you will know in each moment what it is that you need to do.

We are here to help you do this, to clear the path, to clear the boulders and the rubble on your path home so that you may soar toward All That Is and experience joy through this existence. This work that we call The Path of DZAR, is your opportunity to fully experience your magnificence and live a life of joy, connected to the abundance and the compassion of the universe.

We wish you to feel our love and presence and support. We wish you to know that there is no need for you to feel that you are alone without guidance. When you recognise that the same essence that is within you is within us, when you see yourself beyond the physical form and you feel your Energetic Soul you will feel us, and you will feel the expansiveness of the Energy of compassion. When you hear these words, you will know that they are your words, and that is why the connection that is present is so familiar to you.

So that is who we are and that is who you are and so our journey together begins.



Since Mary and Gary began regular communication with DZAR, they have been given thousands of hours of information about consciousness, Spirit and the universe as well as ways to clear blockages from the past that are restricting us all from a full and joyous connection with our Souls and Universal Wisdom (All That Is) in this life.

It has been an amazing and powerful journey for them and for the people from all around the world who are connecting to this message and creating changes in their lives and in the world around them. 


Begin your journey back to joy
and to your connection to the compassion of the universe...

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